Best 2022 Bucket List For a More Memorable Year

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January MacBook Wallpaper

Welcome to the New Year! I’m simply so excited for what the New Year has in store for each and every one of you. I believe this year the Lord is going to do big things and work tremendous miracles in your life. January brings with it a time for making New Year’s resolutions. We each start making lists of our goals, dreams, and aspirations. The real question we should all be asking is, how can I make 2022 the most memorable year yet? How can I become the best version of myself? 

The best version of you isn’t created through hitting an ideal weight, sure that may be part of it, but the big picture is so much more than that. This New Year is an opportunity for you to set goals that are focused on the heart. I wanted to create a fun 2022 bucket list! This bucket list template will spark some ideas to get 2022 started off right. I encourage you to begin implementing some of these into your daily routine and see what happens.

1. Be kind to others & yourself

2. Begin each day with gratitude

3. Give to those in need

4. Drink water & exercise often

5. Focus on unity, not division

6. Take one day of rest per week

7. Hurry less, appreciate quietness

8. Keep your eyes on Jesus

9. Clean out your closet & donate it to charity

10. Treat yourself from time to time

11. Open your bible more than your phone

12. Talk to Jesus daily

13. Smile often

14. Be intentional with your time

15. Compliment a stranger

16. Embrace patience

17. Ask a friend how their heart is doing

18. Laugh a lot

19. Live one day at a time

20. Read a book...or a few

21. Unfollow accounts that no longer serve you

22. Pray when you're anxious, frustrated, or sad

23. Welcome new beginnings

24. Practice self love

Leave a comment and let me know what’s on your 2022 bucket list! Will you be implementing any of my suggestions in the New Year? I believe if you work on doing all of these at least a little throughout the year, you’ll have the best year yet. The key to having a good year isn’t about successfully completing all your goals or resolutions, it’s about keeping your eyes on the Father. Continue to foster a strong relationship with God and rest easy knowing He is in control. 

Sending you all my love in the New Year!

Ashley Ardele

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