The Best Amazon Shopping List for College Supplies

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This post is all about the top school supplies I recommend for college students! I’ll be sharing items I use every year to stay successful and organized in my classes. 

Want to hear the best news? You can purchase all of these items through Amazon! Be sure to check out the Ultimate Amazon Shopping List below! 

Some links may be affiliate links, which means at no additional cost to you, if you click through and make a purchase I will earn a commission. 

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Dear Little sis,

I’m a huge advocate for shopping at and supporting local and small businesses. There’s this new feature on called Amazon Storefront which gives small and medium businesses the chance to sell products on Amazon. To ensure that I support small business owners, I’ve selected a few back to school supplies that can be purchased through Amazon Storefront! 

I encourage each of you to do your part and support these entrepreneurs as well! In addition to helping these business owners, shopping through my links also helps support me as a growing entrepreneur! Enough about me, let’s get into the best school supplies for college students! 

2 inch Binder

This is a must have for staying organized during the school year. I bought one of these a few years ago and keep it on hand at all times. I like to have one binder that holds all of my things in one place. No more accidentally bringing the wrong binder to class! If you struggle to stay organized I highly recommend one of these.

Colorful Pens

If you plan on taking notes by hand, you’ll need a set of good colorful pens. I personally tried papermate for a while and didn’t love them. I’ve recently been using Sharpie Fine Point pens and Bic Gelocity! The sharpie pens are my favorite, but they’re a bit more pricey. All of the options I mentioned above don’t bleed through the thin pages of notebooks. 


You’ve probably seen me use highlighters for a number of things on the blog. I have recommended the Zebra Midliner highlighters from the beginning. If you want a quality highlighter that doesn’t bleed through pages, and allows you to make cute study notes this is the brand for you. Highlighting is pretty much a necessity for reading textbooks and lecture notes. If you don’t already have some, get these! Another plus is they come in adorable pastel colors. 

Bluelight Glasses

If you don’t already have a pair of these, go get some now! I have been using blue light blockers for a few months now and will never go back. With pretty much all classes being online we are spending so much more time each day in front of a screen. These glasses will help prevent headaches and major eye strain! I linked the exact pair I own below, but feel free to shop the link for other super cute styles. 

Pencil Pouch

Amazon has the cutest pencil pouches to choose from and the best news is, many of them are made to store Zebra Highlighters!! I have a pencil pouch that carries my pens, highlighters, and essential oils to class. A pencil pouch makes things so much easier. You never have to worry about showing up to class with no pencil or pen. I like to keep mine in my bookbag at all times and a different set of pens on my desk. 

Academic Planner

You literally can’t get through the school year without a calendar. The amount of assignments and exams that you’ll be required to keep up with  is never ending. My planner is always chalked full of highlighted dates and assignments. I’ve always been a fan of bullet journaling and have done so for years, but for those of you who prefer to have your calendar already made, I highly recommend Day Designer Planners

Shopping through the Day Designer website will allow you to get much more personalized content for students, but there’s good news! You can also purchase these planners through Amazon. Definitely add this to your amazon shopping list!

Some other essential items

Download the Ultimate Amazon Shopping List pdf! This way you can add some of your own essential items. It has a list of all the items mentioned above which you can easily shop right through the blog, and some blank spaces for your own shopping! These are all items I use daily and would buy more right now!! Let me know if you enjoy my pdf and sign up for my email list below for more items like this. 

Click the preview to Download! 

What are some of your essential college supplies? Are there any items you would add to my list? Leave a comment below for others to see! 


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