The Best Essential Oil to Fight Germs in College

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The excitement of returning to campus, or showing up to campus for the first time is amazing! However, there is a lot of fear surrounding health with the coronavirus still affecting many in America. I don’t know about you, but I wanted to do everything possible to try and stay healthy on campus this semester. That’s why I decided to round up a list of my favorite essential oils to fight germs in college!

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best essential oil to fight germs

Dear little sis,

The list of essential oils below are all ones I use on a daily basis. You can ask my friends, they all think I’m crazy. Despite what they say, I swear by these oils! I use dotterra oils, but you can use any brand you prefer that is similar. 

On Guard- Best Essential Oil

This essential oil is the game changer for staying healthy. Doterra makes three different types of On Guard and I use all of them. They offer a 15mL bottle, 60 soft gels, and a roll on ball

Getting these game changer oils is the first step to staying healthy this semester, but you need to know how to use them! With this oil you will be well equipped to fight germs in college. 

15ml Bottle

Let’s start with the 15mL bottle. This is a pure oil in its liquid form. I use this oil mostly in my diffuser. In small dorm rooms a diffuser can be used to have the whole place smelling amazing, especially since candles are banned. What’s the best diffuser blend to stay healthy and kill germs? 

Soft Gels

These are what I like to call sick pills. I take these the second I start to feel that scratch in the back of my throat. With the threat of viruses all around us, it might be a good idea to take one of these a day for extra immune support. These pills are the best essential oil to fight germs internally. Not to mention it works better than most medicines!

The bottle says you can take one every three hours if needed. When I start taking these to fight colds, I use it as much as possible. I can say from experience that it does work! Even if my cold doesn’t completely go away, I do have symptoms for less time than usual. 

Roller Ball

Use this as much as possible! Roll that thing on when you leave your room and as soon as you get back. The best places to apply this are on the bottom of your feet and along your spine. I like to think of this as my protective shield. It ensures that I have something actively working in my body at all times to keep me healthy. 

If you use all of these oils like your life depends on it I promise you will see a difference. It is still so important to protect yourself in other ways. I wanted to list a few ways you can help yourself stay healthy this semester in addition to using the best essential oil to stay healthy!

1. Wash your hands

wash hands to fight germs

This seems so obvious, but people just forget. As soon as I walk through my door, I ensure I use soap and water to wash my hands. This helps me prevent spreading any germs to parts of my dorm room. I like to think of my dorm as a safe space and this is one way I ensure it stays that way. 

2. Spray your masks after use

Use lysol or make your own disinfectant spray with essential oils! I think Lysol smells a lot like chemicals, so I prefer to make my own disinfectant sprays. It’s so important to disinfect the cloth masks after use. Don’t wear the same mask after having contact with multiple people that are less than 6 feet apart. 

3. Wash masks frequently

washing machine

This goes along with what I was saying above. Typically I like to wash my masks after 2-3 uses. I say it’s better to be safe than sorry. Make sure you have a lot of back ups so you can wash when you have the time. 

4. Use disinfectants after touching any surfaces

hand sanitizer

Living in a building full of people means any surface could be contaminated. Be sure to carry handsanitizer everywhere you go.  After touching a door handle, the elevator button, or the printer, make sure you put a small drop just to kill anything you may have picked up. The faster you do this the less likely you’ll be to contaminate your cell phone or something else you use frequently.

5. Try to avoid common spaces as much as possible

It’s tempting, I know! You want to leave your room and hang out with friends. I love study rooms on campus, but it’s just not a great place to be. There isn’t a lot of air circulation and you don’t know how many people have sat there before you. Just don’t do it. 

6. Wipe down things you touch frequently

wipe down surfaces

It can be so easy to forget to wipe things like computers and cell phones. We touch them so much throughout the day, and it’s hard to think of them as possible danger zones. This is your reminder to wipe those things down every few days. Especially the cell phone before putting it up to your face. 

7. Buy an air purifier

Dorm rooms don’t have a lot of space, but an air purifier doesn’t have to be a huge contraption. I’ll link the exact one I use in my dorm here. The great thing about my purifier is it has a place to put essential oils. Not only is your air getting purified, but you can put your favorite essential oils for fighting germs in it as well! 

This purifier has a quiet mode that can run all the time to keep you healthy without distracting you or a roommate!

I hope you enjoyed learning about my favorite essential oil to fight germs in college! What are you doing to stay healthy this semester? Any essential oils you can’t live without?

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      October 27, 2020 / 2:45 pm

      You are welcome! I love using essential oils to get me through all the craziness of college life!

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