How to Make it to your College Classes in Twenty Minutes

Dear Little Sis,

As much as we all try to avoid having to get up for a class at 8am, most likely you will have to do it at some point. This has never really been a problem for me because I enjoy waking up early and taking my time in the morning. Maybe you’re this way too, or maybe, you’re like some of my friends who roll out of bed at the last possible second and walk to class. These tips can help either of you make your mornings more productive and efficient. Here’s how to create a twenty minute college morning routine!



Do Some Things the Night before!

I’m telling you right now this is my number one tip to getting to those 8ams on time. These are all things that will take you approximately ten minutes a day, and I know you have the time in your schedule for them.

1. Check the Weather

Pull up your handy weather app and take a quick peek at the following: temperature and weather (sun, rain, snow, etc.). This is extremely important so you know how to prepare yourself the next morning. Are you going to need to lay out a heavy jacket and gloves? Maybe you should throw an umbrella in your bookbag? This also gives you an idea of what kind of outfit you should wear.

2. Plan your Outfit

This literally takes five minutes, but it will save you soooo much time in the morning. I know half the reason you hate getting up late in the morning is because you look like a bum. Take a second to create a cute outfit, and if you feel like it, pick out some jewelry too!

3. Pack your Backpack

Once you finish your assignments it can be super easy to just leave your desk a mess. If you want to optimize your morning routine, pack these things before bed. As soon as you finish your work for the night, go ahead and put everything you need for class the next day in your backpack.

4. Print Class Notes

If you like to have a paper copy of your class lectures, I recommend already having those printed the night before. One, it saves you from having to wait in the long line at the printer the morning of. Two, it ensures that you don’t have a malfunctioning printer and you will have your notes for class. Three, it saves you extra time in the morning. If you don’t print your notes, then don’t worry about adding this to your routine.

5. Meal Plan

Meal planning isn’t necessarily a task for the night before, but it’s a good habit to get into. This is something I think a lot of college students don’t do. It seems like a waste of time, but I promise it will actually save you time. If you don’t have the time to create your own college meal plan that’s okay! Sign up for my email list in the sidebar and get a free weekly meal plan sent straight to your inbox! Or if you want to make your own meal plan learn how to do it in this 6 step guide.

Meal plans are helpful because it means you get to go into the dining hall with a purpose. You won’t be walking around aimlessly wasting time because you’re unsure of what to eat. This is the one thing that has saved me time in the morning and really for every meal!

The Morning of:

When you’re deciding how early to set your alarm, determine how long it will take you to walk to class, and add that time to the twenty minutes you need. Let’s say it takes me ten minutes to walk to class, this means I will set my alarm for 7:30am. Personally I like to set my alarm with ten buffer minutes in case anything happens that I didn’t account for, but this is really personal preference. I would also like to stress getting up immediately after the alarm goes off. Don’t waste an extra five minutes in bed. When that alarm goes off, get up and get started!

Get out of bed, get dressed, take care of hygiene, stop by the dining hall and grab a meal to go, walk to class! That’s it! That’s all you have to do the morning of class.


With Love,

Ashley Ardele



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    Great posts that I am sure will benefit lots of college kids. I will pin to my college board too. Thanks

      February 24, 2020 / 8:59 pm

      Thanks so much Joleisa!

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