Review of Clean Juice 3 Day Cleanse

Dear Little Sis,

Two weeks ago I decided I wanted to kickstart my healthy lifestyle journey. I’ve always been a bit of a health nut, but quarantine had me falling off track just a little bit. With the return to school quickly approaching I wanted to take some of my own advice and start putting some lasting habits into place now. 

The Charlotte area has an amazing smoothie and juice place called Clean Juice that offers a juice cleanses to help with things like energy, deeper sleep, mental clarity, improved mood, and much more. These were all things I felt like I really needed to get me out of my quarantine rut. I decided to embark on the three day cleanse. Now that it’s over I wanted to share with you my thoughts on the whole thing. 

This post is not sponsored, these opinions are my own and are for the benefit of my readers.

What's included in the cleanse?

For a three day cleanse you get six juices a day for a total of 1,060 calories. It doesn’t seem like a lot, but overall I never found myself extremely hungry. The best way to get through it is to keep yourself busy, and away from temptations. The image below was taken from the Clean Juice Website and depicts the six juices you’ll drink each day. 

How much does a cleanse cost?

Clean Juice has 5 options for cleansers. This makes it super convenient for anyone to choose the cleanse that best fits into their health goals, lifestyle, and budget.


  • Juice Til Dinner – $38
  • 1 Day Cleanse – $57
  • 2 Day Cleanse – $114
  • 3 Day Cleanse – $171
  • 5 Day Cleanse – $285

They seem super pricy, but I honestly think it’s worth the investment. If you truly stick to the juices and don’t cheat you will see results. The price also helps you stay on track. I was less likely to reach in the pantry for pretzels knowing $170 was on the line. 

Are the juices good?

To be honest, I was a bit scared to try this because some of these drinks looked a bit questionable. I can’t speak on behalf of everyone, but I liked all the juices except for the Green. If you are someone who already doesn’t eat a lot of sugar then you’ll probably like most of these. I would recommend trying a 1 day cleanse first if you think you won’t like the juices. My sister didn’t like half of them, so definitely give them a trial run. 

Sweet Green – The apple and mint were the most prominent flavors in this drink, but I could definitely taste the cucumber. I didn’t think this drink was terrible, but it did start to get old by day three. Overall, it is drinkable and pretty filling. 

Orange – This is one of my favorite drinks. I actually get this drink a lot because it tastes just like orange juice and is so good for immunity boosting! If you like orange juice, you’ll love this drink. Orange is also a very filling drink and makes for a great snack. 

Green – By far the worst one. It was hard to get all of this drink down. It doesn’t have any sweetness and is oddly salty. Not only that, but it isn’t filling at all. I was usually hungry after having this drink and couldn’t wait for the yellow. 

Yellow – This tastes a lot like lemonade with a kick. I will say I don’t have much of a spice tolerance at all. Spicy things are not my favorite, but I could handle this drink. I recommend drinking this with a cup of water nearby. It does make for a nice midday snack because it’s super refreshing, especially for the summer heat. This juice also kept my hunger at bay which was super great!

Red – This juice has to be tied with orange. Most people probably wouldn’t like red because the beets do give it a bit of dirt taste. I really like beets, and the bitter flavor wasn’t a problem for me. I liked this juice because it was thick and creamy. It filled me up for dinner and tasted wonderful after the green and yellow. 

White – Best drink hands down! This is like your dessert in a cup! I looked forward to this juice all day long. I would describe it almost like a white hot chocolate. It’s super creamy and sweet, not to mention filling. This juice does an excellent job holding you over until breakfast the next day. If you aren’t doing a cleanse, this drink is also good for a post workout snack!

Do you actually see results?

I know this is what most people want to know. If you’re going to put yourself through all this torture, you want to know it’s working, right? As I was doing the cleanse, I honestly didn’t really notice much difference. I thought I was going to see little to no results from this whole process. Surprisingly, I was wrong! 

Weight: I lost approximately 4 lbs. and 1.8% body fat from doing this cleanse. This was truly unexpected for me. I had noticed a huge decrease in bloating through this process which was super great, but I didn’t feel lighter. The results of weight loss vary from person to person, but I honestly think the decrease in bloating is a good enough reason to do this cleanse. 

Mood/Energy: During the actual cleanse I noticed no difference in either mood or energy. However, since doing the cleanse I have felt way more motivated and in a much better mood overall. The cleanse has inspired me to really keep making healthy choices because it makes me feel so much better. 

Cravings: Doing this cleanse helped reduce my cravings for sugary and salty snacks. I honestly don’t know why, but it worked. Quarantine left me super snacks, especially when I was bored so this was a great way to get me back on track, and to curb those munchies!

Cons: The only downside of the juice cleanse for me was that it caused constipation. This is actually very common for any kind of cleanse. I would recommend drinking a tea to help keep bowel movements regular if this is something you think you may struggle with. 

I think the overall benefit of doing a juice cleanse like this is just the desire to continue on the path to healthy eating. You will feel great after doing this cleanse, and honestly want to live a healthy lifestyle.


I am not a medical professional. Please consult your doctor before doing a juice cleanse. I can only speak on the results of the Clean Juice cleanse and do not recommend doing any other juice cleanses before completing your own research on them. The results vary between people and you may experience results that differ from mine. 



  1. July 25, 2020 / 4:55 am

    so interesting! I’ve been intrigued by juice cleanses but never have actually wanted to do them so this was an interesting read.
    Glad it worked for you 🙂

    Mish ]

      July 27, 2020 / 8:29 pm

      They’re really not too bad! Just make sure you do your research and stick with an organic cleanse otherwise you could be drinking lots of toxins. Thanks for reading.

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