Six Things Every College Student Needs

Dear little sis,

So, I hear you want to try making some meals in your dorm room this semester. Maybe you’re like me and you’re thinking of ditching the meal plan to save a few extra dollars. I support this one hundred percent. I know better than most how hard it is to find healthy options in the dining hall. That’s why I’ve put together a list of six things you must have in order to begin creating some of your own dorm dishes.

I was not paid or sponsored by any of these brands. These are products I use on a daily basis, and I recommend them because I enjoy them. I will not gain any profit if you use the links on this page. 

1. Hamilton Beach Blender

This has been my number one favorite dorm necessity. I have always been a smoothie lover and when I moved into my dorm room I knew I wouldn’t be able to give them up for good. If you’re a college student then you have a small room that’s just the facts, and with a small room comes very little space for things like a blender. That’s why I recommend this small travel size Hamilton Beach Blender.

It takes up relatively little space and it’s not extremely loud. If you are a frequent reader of my blog, you’ll come to know I love to post smoothie recipes, so if you want the key to making them, here it is!

The specific blender I use is the Go Sport Personal Blender. There are also a number of travel size blenders available on amazon and the Hamilton Beach website. I can’t speak personably on those products, but a few of my friends have used them, and enjoyed it.

2. Measuring Cups

I know it seems  crazy, but when you’re trying to follow recipes it’s always good to have measuring cups. I keep a set of stackable ones in a drawer at school. They take up relatively no room and are super easy to store. I got mine from TJMaxx, but you can really get them from anywhere. Measuring cups are something you don’t have to have, but I would highly recommend it.

I thought it was fun to try and match my cooking supplies to my dorm colors, grey and pink. My measuring cups, cutting board, and dishes follow the same theme.

3. Cutting Board

There are a number of different cutting boards out there, and honestly any of them will do. I have a small, thin one that is easy to store in one of my drawers, but get whatever you prefer. I use the cutting board all the time to chop up vegetables for smoothies, and mostly for cutting lemons or apples. The good news is, it can also double as a plate. I use mine all the time as a plate so I don’t have to dirty two dishes.

4. Reusable Straw

This is another item with multiple options. There are all kinds of fun, unique straws out there. Let yourself have a little fun with this one. Trust me, having one straw in your drawer that can be used multiple times will be so much nicer than trying to store a box of disposable straws.

I like to have one straw for drinking water and another one for my smoothies, but you don’t have to do that. A straw isn’t necessary, but smoothies just taste better when they’re enjoyed through a straw.

5. A Knife

I know this sounds crazy! But trust me when I say you’re going to want a nice, sharp cutting knife. Those knives they have in the dining hall are not going to cut through that apple!

I use mine all the time for cutting my lemons, cutting apples for apples with almond butter, and all sorts of other things. If you don’t feel safe having a knife in the room don’t worry you can make do without it.

I did save the day on my roommate’s birthday when we needed a knife to cut the cake! Like I said, you never know when it may come in handy.

6. Sponge & Dish Soap

I know this one seems self explanatory, but I didn’t want you guys to forget, if you’re making food, you’re gonna need something to clean it up later.

I like to keep a little sponge holder on my bathroom counter and a bottle of dish soap under the sink. It’s super incognito and works wonders for cleaning all my dishes after preparing something in the dorm room.

This is another time when you can let yourself have a little fun. Search online to find a cute sponge holder to help spice up your bathroom or dorm room. Amazon has some super cute animal sponge holders! I have a llama one and I highly recommend it!!


With Love,

Ashley Ardele



  1. Theresa Northern
    February 5, 2020 / 2:02 pm

    I will definitely pass along this site to my friends’ daughters as they start the wonderful journey that is college! You offer excellent advice , no judgment, perfectly supportive. Good job Ashley

      February 6, 2020 / 9:40 pm

      Thank you so much Theresa! I appreciate you passing this along. That’s what I’m here for, to share from my own experiences. Please let them know if they ever have any questions or fears, I’m here to listen and answer as best I can.

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